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We have watched technical communities spring up with great power, ferocity and influence. First was Service Management, then Agile and in more recent years with open-source communities in DevOps and Big Data. These communities have a direction, a mission and share development of technical ideas. Open-source is based on free access, that freedom includes access to source code, freedom to collaborate, and ultimately, the freedom to innovate. Open-source is a philosophy and a movement, and what makes open-source thrive is the community that grows up around it. The rapid success of people we know well like Puppet, Elastic, Docker are a testament to the movement. Further proof is evident from our very close friends at Confluent / Kafka and Sonatype / Nexus / Maven.

At Brightcloud our multilingual team helps scale leading US vendors throughout the EMEA regions with top SE, SA, CSE and VP technical talent. We have searched in vain for similar more experienced and commercial communities that leverage the philosophy, spirit and innovation.

Most events where highly experienced VP Presales folk congregate are huge overwhelming things like AWS or pan-galactic generic cloud tech in far off impersonal ‘worlds’ like the Docklands or Olympia.

Through lack of relevant content at these ‘shows’ we have regularly brought together clients and colleagues from our network. Presales VP unicorns from leading cloud infrastructure, security and Open-source software vendors to relax, share ideas and be with liked minded people. Thus the idea of a VP Presales Community started to formulate between us all.

We asked the question in the group last time we met. The decision was unanimous, to create our own network. In order to execute the idea we needed a few resources outside of the day to day activity of these people. We put our hands up at Brightcloud to organise, facilitate and coordinate the first of a series of unique networking events. Inviting experienced EMEA and US VP Presales leaders to socialise, connect and share their ideas.

As a key ambassador for creating the networking sessions Andrew Hawkins, EMEA Presales and VP for Chef, Pivotal and currently Field CTO @Truefort comments;

“This group is important. As a technical sales leader our role is to help customers create value through our products or services and the partnerships they form and investments they make. Together presales leaders can help businesses become more efficient while helping customers solve their most challenging problems. We can start to achieve this through an event which focuses on collaboration, sharing ideas, methods and data – and all in a social setting with like-minded people.”

Another key influencer and ambassador to start this event series Greg Holmes currently Regional VP Presales @ Apptio (formally of Flexeraadds;

“..this is a unique event for a key group to convene, connect and collaborate on the current trends important for technical sales leaders, and importantly how we’re improving the way we engage and sell.”

Led by some key industry Presales leaders we are coming together to start something new for all leaders in DevOps, Big Data, Cloud Security. The event will take place in the City on the 12th November 6pm – 9pm, Venue TBA.

If you would like to know more, put yourself down for the next event in Q1 2020 or want to attend and play a key part is making the events a success please connect to or email Hannah Stephens [email protected] at the BrightCloud City office.

Lastly a plug for an important company: It also seemed to make a lot of sense to incorporate a team that we have known for a while who have exciting, relevant and new technology to help presales leaders in their success. The Brightcloud Presales networking series is proudly sponsored by Vivun™. Hero is the first product for presales, designed to transform how you sell technology.

Andy, Greg and the Brightcloud team look forward to starting something unique and special, seeing new people and growing this Presales network into 2020.

See you on the 12th November in the City if not see you in Q1 2020 post the kick off madness for event No 2.

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